Monday, March 12, 2012

6 months and counting

What the little lady is up to these day:

Sleeping. Yeah, you heard it right. We started letting her figure it out on her own (others might call it cry it out, but c'mon, that sounds so harsh, right?). I'm pretty sure she's sleeping through the night. Although, when Robby's home, and he gets up to check on her short bursts of whimpers and cries, a few things become clear. Not only would I be a terrible fireman, having to wake up in the middle of the night for a call, but I also may be sleeping through some of her crying. Either way, she's taking some naps in the daytime and learning to sooth herself to sleep. And I am a new woman.

She took her first international trip to Spain. Best lil' travel buddy! I can't wait for all of our trips to come. Spain will get its own entry.

Eating, or at least manipulating solids. Or maybe I should say the solids are manipulating her. She hasn't quite figured out how to swallow very much.

Our dogs have become therapy dogs. She loves them. They totally soothe her when she is upset too.

Sitting independently.

Other things she's in to: sucking on her toes and spreading her arms like she's skydiving.

And I decided to take on a mom haircut and temporarily said goodbye to my locks...