Friday, July 5, 2013

These days

These days, as we wait around for the next baby to arrive I am limiting my nesting in exchange for spending time squeezing the fun out of life with with my favorite little buddy. It's a weird thought knowing that it won't just be her and I soon. Everyone with more than one child says that you miraculously have room in your heart for the next, and I know that's true....but I keep getting these extra surreal surges of joy while spending time with Riley. I love how the simplest past times with a toddler are so extraordinary. 

She loves helping us make our espresso. She calls it "boppee," (sounds like "coffee"). She gets to enjoy her steamed milk n' foam in an espresso cup while we have our macchiatos each morning.

We have spent almost every day at the beach or pool. 

She loves smelling flowers at the farmers markets.

She LOVES LOVES LOVES her new cousin Luna. She calls her "Lu-lu." 
And the matching outfits begin...
Happy 4th of July!