Thursday, August 23, 2012

Almost One

I CANNOT believe this girl is almost One! Thanks to the inspiration of a few other friends, including Tate and Kar, I realize I must blog this stuff down more. It is unreal how these little babes, who are quickly turning into 'kids,' literally tack on something new to their miniature world of accomplishments each day. 

Riley has conquered the stairs in the front of the house. She takes the cell phone to her ear and very poignantly says "Hi." Pushes the keychain lock/unlock button and says "Bye" when she hears the car beep outside. Oh, and after months and months of "Hi" to everyone and at times, no one, she is now saying "Bye." She actually says it at appropriate times too...very cute. We have been spending a lot of time outdoors, especially pushing her toys in the front yard as mommy desperately tries to wear her out. She has had her first few bumps and bruises. She makes it very clear when she is done eating (that is if she even eats more than a few bites - SO picky!), by throwing her food as hard, fast, and far as possible. Which has led to me giving in and trying to teach her a few sign language words like "all-done." So far no success. She still makes her adorable "Ooh" face all of the time. 

The girl drives me absolutely crazy...I am exhausted all of the time. For example, today after she had fallen asleep in the car I decided to sit on the sidewalk and read a book with the car door open. Needless to say, the cement was so nice and warm, and then there was the cloud cover...well, I fell asleep on the walkway in the front yard, to be awoken by our neighbor. I've definitely had my share of meltdowns and had to apologize to Robby for my woe-is-me charades. Despite the chronic sleep deprivation that's going over a year now, I'd still never trade a second of these cherished moments.