Saturday, March 30, 2013

Oceanside 70.3

Robby finished his first half ironman today and I couldn't be prouder. Good job babe!

Growing up fast

The things I hear just about every day from other parents is something along the lines of "they grow up so fast." Once you have a kid of your own you can't help but think that so often yourself. Riley is becoming such a big girl. 

She loves her baby doll and her bike. Her personality is so silly. She is hilarious, making us laugh all of the time. I love her hair in a ponytail...but the pictures below are the only times she has ever kept anything in her hair long enough for a few pictures. And for how beautiful her eyes are and how social she is, sometimes we wonder if we took the wrong baby home from the hospital. 

Can't wait for Luna!

I was honored to throw my sister in law Holly a baby shower earlier this month. With the help of friends and family, it seemed to go smoothly. Holly loved it, which is all that mattered anyway. Holly is the most amazing aunt to Riley. So as I planned her shower I told Robby that I could easily spend thousands of dollars to get every detail impeccably creative and perfect. It kind of had a little theme of "We love you to the moon and back," because her name will be Luna. I cannot wait to meet her. Holly is the most natural mother already. Have I mentioned how lucky I am that Holly is apart of Riley's life?! As I am sure most people already know, we are expecting our second baby girl in July. How much fun these 3 little ladies will have growing up together.