Thursday, December 5, 2013

thank you riley

For the first time in 2 years, and 3 months (that's Riley's age), Riley slept through the night.

That's my post. That's it. It deserves it's own post, don't ya think?

My little grown up & my thumbsucker

 "Pum on Heinz." 

Sometimes I want my old life back.

I read an acquaintance's friends blog the other day. It made me a little crazy. It made me jealous. It made me envious. It made me feel inadequate of my own dreams.

I am perfectly happy with my life. Except sometimes. Like when I let other people's lives via social media get in my head and stay there for a little too long.

I want to sit here and blog without jostling a baby on my lap. I want to enjoy a bottle of wine over a slow dinner with Robby without having to consider pumping or nursing. I'd say 2 bottles, but I know I couldn't handle that much liquor these days. I want to sleep through a night. I want a sitter to fit into our budget daily like no big deal so I can work out or just go have a macchiato by myself. I want to sit on a hillside and watch gorilla's play gloriously in their own habitat (you'd have to read one of the earlier mentioned blogs or accidentally be sucked into listening to my daily rants to understand that one). I want to board an airplane by myself.

But wait, I chose my life. Really, no really, I do love my life. One day I'll have two grown girls and all I'll want is to have one of them be the size they are right now so I can jostle them on my lap as I try to blog.

I want to be more patient.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stubborn and determined

I went back to work. I love work. I love uninterrupted conversations with adults 2 days a week. It's a work in progress for Ava to drink from a bottle still (poor Robby) and still, after more than 2 years, we daily work on Riley's sleep. It's all temporary. I keep telling myself this. It's all temporary. At the same time I don't want them to grow. Where does their determination come from? 

Halloween flowers

I made halloween costumes for the girls. As I was burning myself with hot glue, I kept thinking (and swearing away in my head),  why why why do I choose to spend my time this way when I feel so tight on time as it is. At least they turned out cute. Next year I'm buying costumes. 

I love this action shot…Riley always so playful (despite jeopardizing Ava's safety), Ava pushing her bedtime for some pictures with the pout coming out, and Luna's rolls and smile (have you ever seen a cuter peacock?!). 


This little sweetheart surprised me and rolled over from her tummy to back today for the first time while we were at Nani and Papa's house. Good job Av, you little cutie. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Finding the flow

Not much too new is going on in the Fleisher house. I start back to work part time this week. I'm excited, except for the fact that I have kind of got a flow with my 2 girls, only to probably screw it all up by returning to work. Despite many attempts Ava isn't so hot on taking a bottle. So...that should be fun for Robby when I am gone for 13 1/2 hours. 

There have definitely been rough days. As in I've never felt so much stress like this. One minute I'm praying for Ava to be just a few months older and independent, the next I'm wishing they'll never grow. I look at Riley and how perceptive she is and expect so much, sometimes forgetting she's only two years old! 

Riley is talking up a mini storm. She hears things and it sticks like glue. She is definitely, no doubt about it, the funniest person I know. She finally eats. She was going on a 6 month binge and purge diet. She processed about 80% of all, yes, all of her food. Just took a taste or a chew or two, followed by literally spitting it all out. It's taken work, but she's starting to digest her food. What a concept. 

I started Crossfit. And LOVE it. Not only is it pretty much my only break from the girls, but it's something I have thought about but never followed through on for years. It's nice feeling healthy and nice learning something new. 

Robby signed up for another half ironman next year. Of course he chose one of the most difficult ones you can do in the United States. Good job babe, real smart. He spent his birthday fighting the fires on Camp Pendleton. Again, good job babe, but this time I'm not being sarcastic. 

Ava is smiling and talking a lot. She is less intense and serious, and enjoys interacting more. She continues to be more independent than Riley was as a baby which is an absolutely wonderful break for mama. She's not as stoked on car travel or being on the go as Riley was, but if you time it right, it all works. 

We went to the Colorado River for a few days. After Andy & Ashley left, we trialed a day on the River with just our little family. It was pleasant and doable, but was quick. Why quick? Here's the math: A Rottweiler (with enticing ducks and things very nearby), a baby (always potentially about to lose it), and a two year old (you know 2 year olds, so add your own ideas here). On a boat. One adult must drive the boat at all times. When entering or departing the water, another adult must drive the trailer. Sound like fun? I think I mentioned on the Hawaii post, but there should be a step-down word for vacation when you have little people with you.  

Tia Holly went back to work and now we don't get to see her or Luna (or Jose - but he's not as cute as Luna, so I forget about him) enough. It's seriously a bummer. 

And that's the exciting news on Siesta Drive. 

Out for a dinner for Robby's birthday with the family

Hot stuff

Little River Rat with her morning coffee

I can't believe how they are growing up so fast...


She loves jumping. That's also her 6-12 month costume from last year. Petite girl.

All of my girls (with one more on the way - my sister is due next month with another gal to add to the crew!)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ava: 2 months smiles

Ava is becoming more independent and more happy. She smiles at mommy a lot just when she wakes up. There is no greater joy than these two girls and their smiles and silliness. 

The Big Island

We spent last week in Hawaii with Robby's family. During the "vacation," if that's what you call managing an infant and a toddler while trying to relax, we stayed in Kona. We shared a place right on the water and enjoyed waking up each morning to the help of grandma (Na-ni), grandpa (Pa-pa), Tia, and Tio, and to the fulfilling smiles of Luna. Attempting to rock the babies to sleep on the patio with the turquoise ocean just yards away and falling asleep to the sound of waves was unforgettable. The little people all traveled well. We are so thankful for family and traveling.