Thursday, March 20, 2014

Roughin it

By "Rough," I mean how hard it is to live in San Diego in late winter (jealous, East Coast and Alaskan friends?) It's been in the low 80's a lot of this month, which leads to picnic lunches in the yard and trips to the parks nearly every day that I am off. How can I complain (for example, about, yes you guessed it, sleep deprivation) when I have my healthy family and this wonderful weather.

One of Riley's favorite topics is the future…Whenever I say "No" to something that's not quite safe for her yet, she asks when "Riley bigger? Riley older?" That's her referring to herself. Always in the third person. And now Riley has expanded her grown up world to Ava. When I remind Riley, no sweetie, Ava can't play with pennies for example, she pauses and says to me "Ava older? Ava bigger?" Then she even adds "Ava run, Ava crawl, Ava have hair?" Yes babe, when Ava can run and crawl and has hair, maybe we'll re-evaluate if she can play with pennies. The way their mind wraps around concepts never ceases to entertain.

In other exciting news, Ava got her first little tooth. I know all of my readers were on the edge of their seats for that one.

Riley is potty trained. Or I guess I should say Riley is treat trained. I'm not sure if she has bladder control or just decides to 'go' because she wants an M&M. She's addicted to chocolate. Addicted. Every morning she starts her day with a piece of chocolate if she stayed in her bed once it's bedtime the evening before (instead of climbing out and running giggling into the living room 3 to 50 times like she used to do).

Ava is 7 months and doing that little lean into a crawl position, then pancakes into a swimming motion without actually going anywhere.

Robby is training for another half ironman. He found this training program tailored towards family men such as himself, where you put the least amount of time in, to make the most efficiency out of that little bit of training time you can squeeze into working 96 hours a week and coming home to a part-time-stay-at-home crazy wife that expects your help as soon as your foot is through the door. I'd say as soon as your car pulls up, but maybe that's why he bought a Prius. Can't even hear when that little things engine is on.

I am working on my barista skills every morning with my espresso. I know, I know, I am the family over-achiever right? (the last one is my first attempt at a fire engine)

Last topic for today's blog is Riley on Discipline. Let's start with Timeouts. She asks for them. Literally. She'll push Ava, look up, and ask "Time Out?" Then walk herself to the wall and stand there for a couple of minutes. Not giggling, not interacting, just waiting for it to be over. Then will obediently say sorry to Ava, kiss her and move on. Only to push her again tomorrow. Really Riley? I tried putting soap in her mouth and she says "Mmm, spicy. More soap please." We talked about toys being taken away if she continues not listening. The next time I gave that look, you know moms, the one with the eye brows up, that says 'you're not listening,' - she says to me "hmm, take away toys please?" What am I to do with you honey?

Monday, March 3, 2014

North Carolina

I had the chance to take a quick trip to visit my dearest friend Wafa over a long weekend in February. Wafa is expecting a baby girl any day now! I got to take Ava and give her that goo-goo gaga baby attention that she doesn't get nearly enough of, as it's divided with her sister most of the time. I was so proud of the great traveler Ava was. When my girls travel well it just makes mama so proud. Good job sweets. While I was taking a shower or something one morning, Wafa and her wonderful childless, yet child-adoring girlfriends set up a fashion show for themselves with Ava as their headband model. 

Ava got to see snow for the first time just as we were departing. By the next morning Raleigh was blanketed with snow. 

Robby and Riley got their own hang out time too. 

My souvenir for Riley was a bottle of soap from Bath & Body works (I couldn't find any NC kid things that I thought she'd especially like). How well do I know my daughter? She went through half of the bottle as soon as I gave it to her. 

What this is, what this do?

Riley has reached that inquisitive point in her life where everything she see's is followed up by the questions "What this is?" or "What this do" or "What doing mama, What doing dada?" 

 Can't beat february in San Diego.

Rollin' with her cousin Luna.