Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fall and Winter

Just a little throw back to this past fall/winter/christmas time that I didn't get to posting at the actual time…

Nighttime at the zoo  

Took a few trips to the Colorado river, celebrated cousins turning 3, and had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with family. 

Smiles and Silliness

My sweet little Ava is so smiley. She sits up so well. I am so proud of my two little girls. They can drive me crazy, that's for sure, but they bring me such unmeasurable joy. Ava seems so in tune with her surroundings. Sometimes she is so serious. Sometimes she is mesmerized by her big sister, just staring away at her. She is completely distracted by the TV or her sister or the dog or a bird chirping when I try to nurse her. She must know what's going on around her at all times. She has also become very easy going. This, I am thankful for, as I try keeping up with Riley daily. Ava just sits with her toys and happily plays. When I get moments, especially during Riley's afternoon nap, to snuggle and play one on one with Ava, she is so delightful. She giggles and smiles, and of course, definitely during Riley's naps lately, squeals so loud and so so so high-pitched. It's so comical. She started eating solid food a little after she turned 5 months. 

You think Ava looks like Robby a little? 

And Riley, oh Riley. She keeps me laughing one minute and working so hard on patience the next. That girl has so much personality, but remains reserved on initial contact with new people. Love that about her. She has to feel a person out before she dazzles them with her silliness. Her favorite pastimes to add to playing with Fisher Price Little People and her dolls, and jumping, are picking her nose and pretending to be in marching bands. Oh her simple and wonderful little life. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Premature celebration

I am writing this blog from our desktop. Our desktop is in our bedroom. It's past bedtime. What I'm trying to say, is both girls are asleep in their shared room of our 2 bedroom house right now. I have my own bedroom to myself for the moment. I am happy. This happiness may be short lived when one wakes the other cyclically through the night. Here's to optimism. 
Ha!…see that's why I titled this premature celebration, one just woke up...