Saturday, February 16, 2013

Trash truck

The other day Riley was taking a nap on Robby's chest. It was trash day. The trash truck drove down our street. Instantly, Riley woke up and popped into sitting and said "trash truck." She says it now with an expression like a light bulb came on in her little mind. Then she smiles big. Neither of us know who taught her this, but we are pretty sure it is the first two words she has linked together. This girl is such a tomboy sometimes.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


You know the way you feel after a full day at an amusement park? That's the way Riley makes me feel some days. It's not meant to be negative. She just has a TON of energy. She LOVES doing trust falls backwards off of furniture into Robby's arms, LOVES when Robby flips her in the air, LOVES when Robby pushes her around in her car...I could go on. When I say in her car, we are talking supercross slash indy car racing, every square inch of our living room. When he finishes a round of that (and let me just say he is in the best shape he has ever been in right now), he is clearly winded, and all she has to say is "more (giggle, giggle), more, more (giggle, giggle)." When she isn't pointing to the front door or the backdoor to go outside, going on walks with Heinz, going on stroller rides, riding her bikes (get it?)...then she may be found terrorizing Heinz as seen in the video below. The girl has more energy expenditure than one could ever imagine from such a petite thing. She is wild. Then again, it's no wonder where she gets it from. Payback time for mama makin' her mama worry all of the time. Daredevils.