Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ava lately

There's not really much to say. I mean you are a baby, so pretty much you are adorable, you sleep a lot, eat often, and cry sometimes. Your crying is getting a little easier to understand. At this point we wouldn't call you an easy baby, and at times we have definitely called you an angry baby. You stare at people very inquisitively, almost seeming as if you are going to be a deep thinker, or very confident. It could be that I just get lost in your deep blue eyes. 

Riley is Two

On Riley's birthday we baked a cake in the morning, went to some discovery center in Chula Vista and had family over for pizza dinner & cake.

Ri, you are hilarious. You are mischievous. Very mischievous. You are excellent at avoiding eye contact when you have done something you shouldn't. You love to dance. You certainly didn't get your rhythm from your parents. You are a risk-taker, always wanting to climb, be thrown high in the air, and push the limits. Upon meeting new people you are so shy that they tend to ask if you speak. Within a few minutes you take their hand and lead them away to do something you want. I've yet to see someone resist. You are sweet and soft spoken. The way you say please 100 times makes it so hard to not give you the world, no matter what you are asking for. You have the cutest tan and the most amazing curly hair. You are just starting to come out of a phase of chewing then spitting out almost 90% of your food. That may explain why you are in the 5th percentile of everything. Such a petite girl. You love nursery rhymes. You are a wonderful big sister. Always so excited when your sissy wakes up, you rush at her saying "eyes open!" Your favorite person is your Aunt "Tia" Holly. I don't think you could ever get enough of her. Nor she of you. You are incredibly stubborn, unbelievably entertaining, and perfect in every way. We love you. Happy Birthday to our little two year old.

San Diego Vacation Days

Every once in a while we spend a few hours doing something touristy in San Diego and it feels like we are on vacation. Like we are back along the Mediterranean. Do you ever have those perfect moments? ...the right coastal breeze, the warm temperature, enjoying a little happy hour or afternoon ice cream (or both), taking a long worry-free walk...

This day was along the embarcadero & Seaport Village:

The crowd Riley runs in

What a lucky girl Riley is. Here are a few of her regular friends she gets to hang with often. 
 The Oz man (who is expecting a sister any day now!)

Tori & Moses

Aniston & Miles

Baby Syd & Kierin - We miss you guys!


I will never be able to express how grateful I am for the family that looks after us and loves on our girls like crazy.