Monday, July 28, 2014

Little Pterodactyl

My little birdie is not a baby bird anymore (or pterodactyl for that matter). She is One. The day she came into the world I looked at her for the first time and didn't know quite what to think. I loved her immediately. But that immediate connection wasn't there the way it was with Riley. I can't put into words how I have grown to be connected with her now. I love that I feel a different, yet equally deep connection with my daughters. I look back at pictures of Ava in that first few months and it is unreal how much she has changed. She is the sweetest thing. She is funny and energetic, scoots like a gremlin on a lightning bolt. She bites. Oh does she bite. She has the hugest two front teeth I have ever seen on a baby. She is fascinated by her older sister. Riley makes her crack up in laughter. She is petite, in the 20 something percentile for height and weight, but her head is in the 70th. She is always bonking that thing and getting little bruises on her forehead. Silly girl. She still has a set of lungs on her that can be confused for neighborhood birds, except when you are indoors. I am sure the people trying to enjoy their meal in restaurants with us love the sound of a happy little baby squawking with delight through their meal. It is SO loud. She doesn't walk yet, but she scales. She can climb up slides, sets of drawers, onto ledges that are almost as tall as her. I like to "spot" her and let her do her thing and see what she can accomplish. Her climbing ability is quite fascinating. She loves swings and can get pretty upset if we take her out of one when she isn't finished. She doesn't like to be fed. She has to take it in her own fingers and feed herself. I'd call her fairly independent. But when she sees mama after a day without her at work, or even just a couple of hours, she immediately loses her little mind until she's in my arms. Even when wearing pink, she is assumed to be a boy by strangers. I get it when she's wearing neutral colors. But pink and purple? C'mon. Ava, you are adorable. You are beautiful. I cannot imagine my world without you. You make me laugh and smile. Thank you for sleeping better than your sister and giving me hope. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that. Oh, my Av, I am so excited to see you grow. But I also want you to be my little baby forever.  Happy first birthday my sweet little bird. 

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